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  1. Hey all, i have a friend with an application where he has a "black box" which is comprised of a heater and a thermocouple (4 wires coming out in total). he's using a B&R digital output module to turn the heater on (i.e. give it 24V) and a thermocouple module to read the temperature from the TC sensor. with one of these "black boxes" he has encountered a strange phenomenon - once the reading from the thermocouple reaches a certain temperature (and the digital output giving power to the heater from that same "black box" is still on), instead of climbing, the temperature reading begins to drop. Once the output from that same "black box" is turned off - the temperature reading jumps to what it was supposed to show if it hadn't dropped. other than a defective sensor ("black box" was changed and the phenomenon stayed), do you have any other explanation for why this would happen?   Thanks.    
  2. Identify disable x20 module in a program

    He's refering to B&R. @donbinno - why do you need to disable the module to begin with?
  3. Hey Guys,i'm working on implementing the master side of a custom serial master-slave protocol between a B&R PLC and an electronic card.As part of the data i'm sending and receiving is used to close various loops(e.g. cascaded temperature control where the temperature sensors and actuators are connected to the electronic card) , but other data is not as usefull (e.g. various data used for display or at specific times), i believe i will also need to implement some sort of priority first question is - based on your experience - how would the general master side SW architecture look like? (for example - the send side of mine is comprised of 3 tasks all running under the same cycle - lower level task in charge of opening the port, sending the data etc, a mid level task in charge of creating the packet based on command from upper level, giving commands to lower level and using status from it to continue and finally - an upper level task in charge of deciding which messages to send).my second question is - how would you implement the priority mechanism?thanks