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  1. NX 120 volt digital inputs

    Yeah that's right. The NJ501 and the NX102 are the only ones available with an OPC-UA server. It's a shame they don't expand their other processors to offer an OPC-UA server as it is a great feature. I found this P2RVC-8-I-5 module that appears to attach straight to their slim relays, then cable over to the input card. This looks like a clean solution as long as it's cost effective. Thanks
  2. NX 120 volt digital inputs

    We would like to use the NX102 for it's OPC UA capability but they don't appear to offer a 120 volt digital input card. The only seem to have a 220 volt input card. We could use the NJ501 w/ CJ1W-IA111 cards but this processor is a little cost prohibitive compared to the NX102. I was thinking about using their 32 point 24v input card (NX-ID6142-5) with interposing relays. Has anyone found any good solutions for incorporating 120 volt digital inputs with the NX IO system?
  3. CJ2 Ethernet/IP connection issue

    That is what I originally thought as well. I turned off all firewalls but the problem persists. I'm stumped on this one...
  4. CJ2 Ethernet/IP connection issue

    One more detail that may be helpful. I just tried to connect using a virtual machine and it works. So I am running a windows 7 virtual machine on a windows 10 host. Running Cx-Programmer on the virtual machine, I can connect using Ethernet/IP (with the host machine connected to the VPN). If I try to run Cx-Programmer on the host, I can not connect using Ethernet/IP. This leads me to believe cx-programmer isn’t using the correct network adapter (the VPN network adapter). I’m not sure what the remedy for that would be.   Thanks
  5. CJ2 Ethernet/IP connection issue

    Yes the default gateway is pointing to the VPN router. The IPs of both the PLC and PC are on the same subnet. I believe this would be required in order for the FINS ethernet connection to work, correct?
  6. CJ2 Ethernet/IP connection issue

    I have an interesting problem. I am using CX-Programmer to connect to a CJ2 over a VPN. If I set the connection to use FINS, everything works fine. If I set the connection to use Ethernet/IP, it times out almost instantly. I can plug straight into the CJ2 and use Ethernet/IP and that works. I've disabled my firewall to rule that out. I've wiresharked the connection and I don't see any packets when using Ethernet/IP (not even originating packets). I can of course see packets using FINS since that connection works. I have also noticed that Sysmac Studio will connect to my NJs over the VPN, but I am unable to transfer or compare any of the Ethernet/IP connection settings. I'm thinking these two issues are related. I'm running the latest version of CX-Programmer on a windows 10 64 bit laptop. Any ideas what this could be?
  7. WireShark capture of PC <-> Omron NJ via CIP protocol

    I was afraid they didn't provide that information. I do have kepware installed (which also offers a service to generate a tag list) and I am looking into some Wireshark packets. Thanks for the reply.
  8. WireShark capture of PC <-> Omron NJ via CIP protocol

    Resurrecting an old thread because this topic has recently interested me. innoaloe, could you point me in a direction of where to find any documentation that states what service # returns the list of available tags? Thanks for any help you can provide.