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  1. Beckhoff 2.11 simulation mode

    Thanks Joan, that is wat i want know. Always to commando's. select first and then write or forced. It is much easier by other plc's there you can click the switch and the output changed directly. I could believe that i needed two commands. thanks for your help frans
  2. Beckhoff 2.11 simulation mode

    Hi Joan, What i mean is the following. I have write a program in ladder. I put the program in simulation mode. after i click on an input i expected that the output that act on that input wil react directly. Now i must before the output react on the switch give every time a write commando. i think that is not normal. 
  3. Beckhoff 2.11 simulation mode

    All, When i work with a 2.11 IDE from beckhoff in simulation mode i must everytime when i change a input give a write commando. I think it must be possible that the outputs changed automaticly when i give or change an input. What do i wrong?? best regards Frans
  4. Straton 9.0 IDE

    Beste, Ik wil graag in contact komen met mensen die werken met de Straton 9.0 IDE om informatie hierover uit te wisselen. Er is hier nl. op internet bitter weinig van te vinden. Grtz Frans  
  5. Install required software on AVALUE 1503 HMI

    Hi All, I have already made a little progress. Have prepared a usb stick with windows 7 install software. Also i have bought a 8GB CCM flash card where i will install the ultimate w7 software on When i start-up the HMI started from the USB with the W7 install, but when he asked me where i will install the operating system i can not see my CCM 8G flash card What do i wrong? Thanks in advance. Frans
  6. Install required software on AVALUE 1503 HMI

    Hi All, Can some one help me with prepare my HMI screen AVALUE 1503. On this moment there is only a bios on the screen. How can i put the additional software on the CCM flash card. i have TIA V13 software on my computer and i know how i must work in simulation mode with the HMI. I am searching now for a walk through for install the needed software on my HMI screen. Can not find it on the internet. Thanks in advance. Frans
  7. siemens 1212C PLC

    Hi Bryll, Thanks for the fast response. Yes i have enabled the use of the clock memory byte. I have use this feature also already with other plc's like the 314 from siemens without any problem. i have test this with a very small program with a start switch, Led, and a switch for the 1Hz clock puls M255.5 Solved the problem: After compile all the led started to flash. grtz frans
  8. siemens 1212C PLC

    All, I have bought a new siemens PLC 1212C. connected to TIA V13 software working perfect. When i use the clock memory byte, and selecting the 1sec bit M255.5 it is not counting. Why this is not working? What do i wrong? grtz Frans