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  1. I had a structure before, but the size wouldn't match because BOOLs kept taking up space of 2 bytes. The way it is mapped in the robot is in byte format, see the PDF for reference.  DX-200 IO Drawing Set.pdf
  2. I was able to setup the union with the correct number of bytes in an array as well an array with bits and words. I have setup the Ethernet adapter in the robot as shown in the pictures and setup in Sysmac Studio also shown in the pictures. I am using the built-in Ethernet port on the NJ controller and it is setup to the IP address as, and I added the built in port to the FINS Settings. I am still getting an error(shown below) on the connection status (verification error), when I monitor the devices. Is there something that I missed that could resolve this issue?
  3. I was able to get everything setup in the Ethernet configured, but the structure I created to match which BOOLs and Bytes I am using and it doesn't match the size properly. I looked into why and saw that BOOLs take 2 bytes of space which is causing most of my problems, is there anyway to change it so the structure with bytes, words, and bools to reflect exactly the size that I need? For the Motoman and I have 33 bytes mapped and will require that the the bytes be addressable down to bit level and be able to put appropriate descriptions. 
  4. Hi, I am working on a project that requires connecting an EtherCAT network and an Ethernet/IP network to the built in ports of the NJ controller. I have been able to setup the EtherCAT network in Sysmac Studio, but I am struggling with the Ethernet /IP setup in Sysmac Studio. For the Ethernet network I have to setup the Motoman DX200 and a Cognex In-Sight 7000, as well a NA HMI which I was able to figure out and have it setup in Sysmac Studio. I have the EDS files for both Motoman and Cognex and the are installed in Sysmac Studio. I am a confused about what to put in the target variable and the originator variable, as well how can I connect these to my Global variables?
  5. Thank you for clarifying this for me. I did not have the status column enabled, I have it now and can see the reflected status. My plan was to find a way to do the faults that didn't involve a new bit for every fault, but I don't think that is possible yet. I like working with the MItsubishi PLC where I can use the "f" bits for faults and then just call the SD64 register to display on the GOT. I thought I might be able to use an integer to configure what event code would cause each alarm by adding the alarm code, but it appears that isn't the case. 
  6. I am just starting with Sysmac Studio. I want to setup alarms from my NJ controller (NJ101-1000 v1.10) to my HMI (NA5-12W101B v1.03). I am trying to use the SetAlarm instruction and ResetAlarm instruction. I configured the SetAlarm to trigger event code 1 and Reset Alarm instruction to stop event code 1. I just programmed a button to cause the fault and another button to reset. I see the alarm populate the alarmviewer in the HMI, but it doesn't show the appearance colour that is configured on the HMI alarmviewer. I am still trying to understand how this works and what the best method for doing all my faults. Is there a better way to program the faults for this system?