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  1. Hi! I'm facing the same problem. Did you manage to solve this problem?
  2. I want to implement this  (page121) but it gives me an error ("The I/O %I0.2 is already used by %FC0"). I know that %FC0 use dedicated input %I0.2. I replaced from the example %I0.2 with another input (%I0.0). But no success. How could I do so the counter to work properly? Thanks in advance! Bellow I attach the project. ProiectMacaraBasic.smbp
  3. I'm using TM221CE40T PLC with TM3DI16 DI extension. I'm programming it using SoMachine Basic. In the program I implemented a counter (%C0). I've read in the documentation that %Ci.V stores the current count value. I want that to display this value on a Magelis HMIS5T. How could I store the current count value (%Ci.V)? Thanks in advance!