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  1. Rajan

    Dear Sir I have set the all the input selector DIP switches for Voltage. In this condition the module should not detect a disconnection, right?  Still the ERC indicator is Lit
  2. Rajan

    The power supply to the indicators is 220VAC, both are powered up and working correctly
  3. Rajan

    Tahnk you Mendon Systems for the reply   The two current inputs of the module are connected to analog output terminals of two indicators. The sticker on the indicators show that the analog output is 4-20mA. When the two inputs are connected, the HMI display for the analog signals becomes unstable (changes rapidly)
  4. Rajan

    Hello Experts  I am facing problem with CJ Series Analog I/O module MAD32. The Run LED is Lit, ERC Led is also Lit. what could be the reason?