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  1. Thanks Michael. The code you sended me yesterday is working well and I finally am able to communicate with a G9SP. This also gives me the confirmation that I may be able to communicate with other devices such as another CJ2M I was testing FINS with! Also, I've read most of the documentation on FINS and I'm starting to understand how to build a network with Omron devices (I'm mostly new in communications that a little painful). I'm really grateful for your support thank you very much that was very helpful!
  2. Thank you very much! I coded the same thing and i have had results. I'll get to you tomorrow after I've analyzed my response code and if there is a way to adapt this code to communicate with other omron PLCs.
  3.   I also have a question via the compatibility of FINS protocol and the hardware in use. I was told that there some function disabled when using a built-in ethernet port EIP21 instead of a distinct card ETN21. Could that be the problem why I'm having the 0401 error code which stipulates that the Service is unsupported and I'm trying an undefined command? Because the most probable cause written in the doc for this error is that the Unit/Board does not support the specified command code. Although I would find that very strange, I thought that could be a possible problem.
  4. Thank you for the quick response! Yes I have downloaded this code earlier looked at it a little bit. Although, to be honest I am also trying to understand the FINS protocol so I may use it in other applications. Also, I have read documentation on how to read and write data on a G9SP safety controller and it seems that I need to use a command code other than the read/write (0101/0102) to communicate with this kind of PLC. This could make sense since I've looked at the G9SP configurator tool and we can't really see where the data is in the memory, unlike a comme PLC where you have an address. I didn't have a look to the link you have proposed I will let you know if I find a solution. Thank you very much! And again thanks for the quick answer this is really appreciated! :)
  5. Hi, I'm currently in a project where I'm putting up together a network where a CJ2M-CPU33 is reading the memory of 4 G9SP safety controller and communicating with an unchosen HMI. Since I'm new to Omron communications, I've decided to set up a network composed of only 1 CJ2M-CPU33 and 1 CJ2M-CPU31, both equiped with built-in EIP21 port, to help me understand the FINC protocol used to Read/Write and other commands from one PLC to another. I'm currently trying to use the CMND(490) function in the CJ2M-CPU33 to attempt and read part of the D memory in the CJ2M-CPU31 without success. I've tried many ways of sending the Hexa code to the PLC I'm trying to read the memory from but always come up with a 0401 end code (Service unsupported: Undefined command) or nothing at all when my Hexa code is really messed up. It's also good to know that the informatician of the company has succesfully read from the memory area but with his computer. I have provided with this topic an overview of my setup, settings and program in the PLC that is performing the CMND(490) function. I'd also like and take this opportunity to say that I really don't understand the settings in the FINS/UDP and FINS/TCP menu and when and how the PLC is using these protocols even if I've read tons documents on the FINS protocol. I find that that Omron's doc is complete but kinda lacks of setting and program examples. FINS_Problem_description.docx