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  1. FX3GE to GS2107 Ethernet Connection

    Thank you everyone for your contributions. I have now managed to get connection between HMI & CPU. It appears the biggest difference is the Port setting of 5556 on the FX PLC. Even though the attachment shows 5551 on the GOT, I have tried 5019 and it is working ok.
  2. FX3GE to GS2107 Ethernet Connection

    Thanks plcdp. I have not yet, but will certainly do and get back to you.... Just tried crossover ethernet cable, no joy! Crossover, Patch and hub - all different combinations, still no joy
  3. What am I doing wrong? I have an FX3GE PLC. I have set up the IP address and I am able to connect with my laptop running GX Works2 version 1.501X. I also have a GS2107 that I have set up with IP address (Default). I can communicate with my laptop running GT Designer3 version 1.151H. The HMI is still failing to communicate with the PLC. I have followed different threads on this forum, tried different port settings on the HMI. I have attached my settings. Is there anything else I need to set?