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  1. Reading position data from GOT

    That's a great idea, about adding the MOVP instruction to check, I did it and Z9 is always 0. I keep searching for any BMOV instructions or loops but I can't find any! it's like magic. I'll keep searching, thanks for your help!
  2.   In this first picture is a numerical input with a monitor device D2058. In the whole GOT project this is the only device that saves the information inputed.   Then on que PLC sequence theres an instruction moving that device's value gotten from the GOT to the position module's buffer memory. My doubt comes when there's another device D10022Z9 getting the same value of D2058. In this case the Z9 index is always 0, I checked. In the whole PLC program this is the only part where the D10022Z9 appears, there is no instruction anywhere copying D2058 to D10022Z9 which is how I would think is the way it has the same data always. Am I missing something or how is this possible?  
  3. what is M code used for in QD75MH2?

    Thanks, I already checked it, it's written to the buffer memory of the position module. For example U6/G808 and then I can just move it to a register.
  4. what is M code used for in QD75MH2?

    what instruction do I use to read that M code reply ? thanks.
  5. Yeah thanks for your recommendations. The manuals are like 800 pages long so it's really frustrating to know where to actually start reading.
  6. What is the M code is used for in positioning servo-motors? There's a parameter setting in the QD75MH2 for M code but I don't know what they're for and what the diference from the Data No. is.
  7. I need to learn about position control for 2 axis with a QD75MH2 module. I know how the basics about programming with the Q Series PLC but I've never done any positioning control. I'm having a really hard time understanding the program I have to modify and I don't know where to start. Is there any course you might recommend? Even if I have to pay for it. Thanks.