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  1. Hello everyone, we have two damaged analog cards for CompactLogix PLC ( 1769-OF8C  & 1769-IF8) that we are going to replace. my experience is with Siemens and Schneider PLC's  but for Allen Bradley, not so much so my question is : are there any requirements or specification other than the part-number that could prevent the cards from going in service directly ? as for the firmware, series and so on ?  and do i need to do any extra work after replacing the card ? thank you Best Regards
  2. EXter t150 - beijer

      using a flash card reader module connected to PC/LABTOP  via USP
  3. EXter t150 - beijer

  4. EXter t150 - beijer

    Beijer is the manufacturer  yes but the model name for the HMI is EXTER T150  
  5. EXter t150 - beijer

    hi all,   i need help with EXTER T150  HMI urgently we had two panels before and we replaced them with new panels but when we copied the    project file to the flash card the panels don't seem to be able to recognize them, im not familiar with that type of HMI   but the project file consists of folders and files not a single " .cap" or ".dat" file    i checked the manuals but it seem to have something with a software called IX, i need someone with experience to    clarify this point to me    thank you