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  1. Keybord Shortcuts

    Guys, I am using TIA v13 for HMI programming. Is there any way we can add a keyboard shortcut to group/ungroup the objects? I checked in Options > Settings > Keyboard shortcuts but there is nothing I can use. Am I missing something silly? or Siemens just doesn't allow that?
  2. What is HMI tag group(TIA V13) and how it works?

    I was always suspicious about the event that was being called. I went through all the possible events inside Siemens, but I couldn't find any similar to which I had. Than I arranged the source project and started comparing every inch and meter and TADAAAA....... 
  3. What is HMI tag group(TIA V13) and how it works?

    Thanks TecnoPLC and pop29684 you were very helpful. I was getting the error during compilation. After doing some more research i found the event was pointed to a script which wasn't copied when the screen was copied from another project. And that was the reason of an error.
  4. Guys,  What is HMI Tag group that can be added under the HMI tags in the Project Tree? I am new with siemens and trying to debug an HMI. The error is " ,The parameter of a function is not available for trigger 507 - Analog Edit, event 'Loaded'. The referenced object does not exist.,,,". There is a weird event set up upon loading of the screen which is causing error. Thank you in advance. Please guide me.