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  1. S7-1500 HW Interrupt

    Hi Guys, I'm still here asking your help because i need to reproduce a previous work that i did on omron series. Now i'm using a Siemens 1510SP-1PN CPU, with a DI 24VDC module assigned in the first slot. I would like to know how to call an interrupt task every time that a rising edge on E0.0 and E0.1 occurs. I  have configured the I/O settings of the module, to call the OB40 hardware interrupt block, but unfortunately i don't know how to assign the addresses to a specified OB, otherwise i noticed that if this option is enabled, instead of the default settings, the CPU can't see the input addresses rise up or turn on; If i configure back the default settings i can see again in a variable table the address E0.0 turn on, why this happens? Is this meaning that i can't use this address for other tasks or other functions? Can i call a hardware interrupt or something like that with an internal variable like a merker? What instructions i must use to enable and activate the OB40? Thank you! Best Regards.

    Yeah, just saw it on a data sheet that explain how works this PLC function, unfortunately i can't modify the PLC configuration. I solved using a cyclic interrupt task at 1 ms, that checks after an IORF function the state of the interested address every 1 ms, i just hope that sensor will not be faster. Thank you very much for your help and tips!

    Hi to everyone, I'm trying to use interrupt tasks on a CJ2M-CPU 11 with two connected modules, ID211 and OC211. First of all, i have assigned in the settings table of the PLC, the IN00 to the interrupt task 0, so it is calling the INT 140 where i have placed my instructions. Then i called in the Main, the MSKS instruction with the N value as 100 and control data as #0000, to unmask the IN00 channel assigned to Task 140. In this case,  i'm trying to reproduce a high speed counter imported from an older program, that uses a different kind of interrupt tasks management. But the instructions called in the task, seems to be never called by them program, then the counter never grows. (I know that is available a specific high speed counter function, but to use this old program i'm costricted to use the interrupt tasks to count.) Thank you for any help. Best regards.