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  1. RSView32 File Extensions

    Thanks, ECSI. I have received a file from a customer that is supposed to be an RSView project.  The extension is .APA. My copy of RSView Machine Edition does not know what kind of file it is.  I am not sure that they have sent me the correct file, even. Can you shed some light on this issue? Thanks!
  2. iFIX history

    Hi all, First time user!  I have read many articles on this site but only just joined.  I have found a great body of knowledge and expertise here, over the years.  Anyway, due to my poor memory I have forgotten the history of iFIX.   We did several projects for a customer years ago, and now I find that my newest customer is intent on using iFIX on one of their jobs.  Just out of curiosity, does anyone remember the history?   Thanks to all, Vector671