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  1. GX Works 3 '..Memory is Insufficient...'

    Thanks for your ideas. Co-worker who uses the Mitsubishi software has windows 7. I tried using compatibility mode selecting windows 7, did the same thing :( It's so strange that the file seems to open fine, as you can see in the screen shot the ladder window has opened and behind that 2 tag lists or something have opened first.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to use Mitsubishi GX Works 3 version 1 for the first time and get a 'memory is insufficient' error window when I try to open/start a new project or if I try to open a PLC project a co-worker made. I am using Windows 10/64-bit, company we purchased the software from says they are using it on windows 10 without issue. I get the error with no other programs running, have 6 GB RAM, and have 90% hard drive space available. I have monitored Task Manager while opening a file, RAM usage seems fine, and have tried opening with "Run as storminess".  I have tried uninstalling the program using the window "uninstall or change a program" - is the a different way to uninstall this program that will wipe it more completely? The install CD has Disk1, Disk2, Disk3(DocFX) sub folder , Support folders - I ran the .exe file from all 3. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am able to open an HMI project in GT works 3 without issue. I attached a screen shot of the error. Thanks so much!!