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  1. Colleagues,  do you still have the Manual? The upload no longer seems to be there. Couldn't find it in files either. We have an old Hämmerle 3-point Bending Machine from 1984 and after many years of no possibility to fix its electronics, we finally started a new offensive - this machine is way to epic to put to trash, isn't it? After checking the Delem DA33 main control board, now the X-axis still is not finding its end position - and the end position switches point to the control Telemecanique TSX21 in the electric panel (not operator panel). It seems the end switch's line is pulled high with resistors - these have been cut out decades ago by the initial factory it seems. Now for calculating these pull-ups' resistance and wattage logic levels and also some information about the TSX21 as to understand which voltage and current magnitudes it can take could be helpful. Thankful for any hint!  Edit: (I'm open source engineer, we are creating special parts with ethics in mind, we are neither mass producing nor any danger to professional companies. We can't afford a new machine solely due to electronics failure - the mechanics is what we can repair. (Bitronics which bought Hämmerle Zofingen told us we'd rather buy a new machine than them helping us ... )