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  1. Perfect. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello, In GX Works2, what do asterisks before function block input and output variable names mean? Thanks,    
  3. CC-Link IE Protocols

    Thanks, guys. So both CC-Link IE Field Basic and CC-Link IE TSN traffic can co-exist with TCP/IP traffic, but TSN is deterministic and Field Basic is not? Does TSN require special TSN switches to prioritise TSN traffic? Are CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE TSN similar with the main difference being that TSN traffic can co-exist with TCP/IP traffic, whereas IE Field traffic cannot? I presume TCP/IP traffic would be detected and cause errors on CC-Link IE Field, Control and Motion/Safety networks?
  4. CC-Link IE Protocols

    Hello, There seem to be a lot of different CC-Link IE protocols: CC-Link IE Field Basic CC-Link IE Field CC-Link IE Field Motion CC-Link IE Field Safety CC-Link IE Control CC-Link IE TSN This causes me some confusion. Are there as many variations of Ethernet/IP and PROFINET? Can you point me to a good comparison of the different CC-Link IE protocols? My understanding is that: CC-Link IE Field Basic: 100 Mb/s Non-deterministic? Good for non-time-critical communications (e.g., setting a drive speed) Implemented in software Traffic can co-exist with other TCP/IP traffic Max 64 stations Addressed by IP address Star topology I believe the other protocols are all 1 Gb/s, are deterministic, are addressed by station number, are implemented in hardware and each needs its own isolated network. CC-Link IE Control is used for communications between PLCs and robots. CC-Link IE Field is used for remote I/O and CC-Link IE TSN is used for even faster remote I/O communications. Please let me know if any of this is inaccurate. Thanks,
  5. Are there any instructions for writing and reading structured data types to FIFOs in GX Works2 and GX Works3? Thanks,
  6. Remote I/O for R32CPU or R32ENCPU

    Very useful information. Thank you very much.
  7. Hello, I would like to know the best option for adding remote I/O stations to either the R32CPU or R32ENCPU. I like the look of the Mitsubishi NZ2FT / Weidmuller u-remote slice I/O. I believe they are the same product. There are CC-Link IE TSN network couplers for these systems. Would either of these be a good choice? I see the R32CPU has a port supporting CC-Link IE Field Basic. Can I communicate with CC-Link IE TSN devices using this port? The R32ENCPU add a couple of ports which can support regular TCP/IP communications, CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE Control. Do these ports also support communications with CC-Link IE TSN devices? Is there a difference between CC-Link IE Field Basic and CC-Link IE Field? Thanks,
  8. Hello, Can anyone tell me what types of Ethernet/IP device the  QJ71EIP71 can be configured as? Explicit message server, explicit message client, I/O adapter and/or I/O scanner? I'm having trouble finding this information in the manual:
  9. Nevermind. I've found the str_printf() function. For some reason it can't be used in object scripts.
  10. Hi guys, Is it possible to convert integers to/from strings in scripts in GT Designer3? I don't want to perform the conversion in the PLC. Thanks,
  11. Batteries

    Hello all, My understanding is that the FX3 and iQ-F Series PLCs don't require a battery. Program memory and device data is retained in EEPROM. The Q Series on the other hand requires a battery to retain program memory and device data. Is that correct? What about the iQ-R series? Does it require a battery? Thanks,
  12. Simple Project vs Structured Project

    Thanks guys. When I write a Structured Project to an FX Series PLC and then 'Read from PLC', it's read as a Simple Project without labels, as you described Parky. Is there any way to read the project as a Structured Projects with labels? When you read the project from a higher-end model PLC, the project is read as a structured project with labels - is that right? Does this apply to all Q Series, iQ-R and iQF? Thanks again,
  13. Help Installing GX Developer on Windows 10

    Hi YJLinkFixer, I had trouble installing some older Mitsubishi software a little while ago and it was resolved by starting Windows 10 in safe mode (Google for instructions) and installing. Let me know if that does the trick.
  14. Hi all, What the difference between a Simple Project and a Structured Project? You can use Ladder, ST and SFC in either project type on a Q Series, but only in a structured project can you use Structured Ladder / FBD. In a structured project you can create functions. Is there anything else? Thanks,
  15. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    Actually I think it's port 5562