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  1. Modbus TCP/IP Communication Stop

    I work with Modbus TCP/IP Communication on CPU S7-1200.I've configured MB_Server block V3.1, but after 15 min it stops. In MB_Server_DB , Static - Request_Count and Server_Message_Count stop to go up, and Connected stays TRUE.After I STOP and then START the CPU, Request_Count and Server_Message_Count, and Connected are reset. And again it stops after 15 min.Any ideas?CPU - CPU 1214C DC/DC/DC.Firmware - V4.0.Thank you,Olesia
  2. Hello all, I was asked to check if there is a PID real - time software which automatically calculates PID loops parameters and update the PLC registers or HMI ( by OPC server etc.) when the process is working and "breathing". REAL-TIME. Not PID simulator or PID tuner based on measured data, but a software that will calculate and update the PID parameters in real time while maintaning several PID loops simultaneously. Are there any suggestions? Thank you, Olesia
  3. I talked to Rockwell Automation tech. support (in my country) and yes, FTV is not supported bu Windows 10.   I asked to check when it will be supported
  4. Hi Mikey431,  Recently I have upgraded OS to Windows10. And the last time it worked was on the same PC but it still was Windows8. Yeah,tried to restart... same pop-up appeared and FT didn't work...    
  5. Hello dear all.I have FT 7 View on my PC. When I open FT 7 Studio I get the following pop-up:"Cannot connect to addin object Name: Application Handler Cause: 80004005"And of course FT 7 Studio does not working  Ideas?Regards,Olesia.