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  1. I am using PLC Modicon M221, I want to make communication between PLC Modicon M221 to OPC Kepware by modbus tcp/ip ethernet. In PLC, I use software somachine basic, I set digital input and digital output. And in OPC Kepware my address  00001, but when I switch turn On/Off in PLC, value in OPC Kepware doesnt change. Could you please correct me? Thank you   Bujang
  2. I am sory, I am very newbie in plc. I have PLC Modicon TM221CE40R, as usual I am already test digital input/digital output with its application namely somachine basic. And, What should I do in order I can turn on/off frok scada and also monitor in my scada. I use vijeo citect. I look forward your answer. Thank you