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  1. Tag Data Monitor Tool - Connection Failed

    So I did some digging around my facility and found out we have a TechConnect contract, that no one seemed to know about. They were able to solve the issue. Turns out, as long as RSLinx is running locally and there is an OPC topic anywhere in view of the PC running the Tag Data Monitor the "Remote Name" field needs to be left as "<Local>" and that does the trick.
  2. Tag Data Monitor Tool - Connection Failed

    1756-L73 ControlLogix - Revision 19.14 RSLogix 5000 Professional - Version 19.01.00 (CPR 9 SR 3) RSLinx Classic - Version 2.59.01 CPR 9 SR 5 - or - - Version 3.60.00 CPR 9 SR 6 I've got two lines running, each with their own development PC's but matching PLC hardware. Hence the difference in RSLinx versions. I've checked and this issue occurs in both environments. I had the same idea about the firewall, no such luck.
  3. Tag Data Monitor Tool - Connection Failed

    Yes, all of those items in the left pane are OPC topics in RSLinx. They all point to the PLC processor I'm trying to tag monitor. Just for kicks I created a new one, didn't work. As a note, I did just walk into this environment about 2 weeks ago with no background and no documentation. So I am flying a little blind.
  4. I am trying to use the Tag Data Monitor Tool to create views for the different tags on my 1756-L73. When I try to connect (with the remote name the same as the Path that I use in RSLogix), and select "RSLinx OPC Server" as my OPC server and click connect I get the error window shown in the screenshot (http://i.imgur.com/JoCDvPo.png). I've done quite the extensive googlefu on anything containing the error "funConnectServer" and can find zero information as to why that would be happening. Am I missing something obvious? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. EtherNet/IP Module Loads

    I'm fairly new to AB products (my previous experience is with all Siemens equipment). The environment I just started working in (as the sole controls engineer) said they had an 1756-EN2T fault out a few months before I got here. They diagnosed the problem to be that the module was running at 90% CPU and that the problem was a firmware issue. They told me they updated the firmware and that fixed the problem. There are 3 lines running hear all with matching setups and processes. A 1756-L73 PLC for each line, with one 1756-EN2T and one 1756-EN2TR for each PLC. (each line is isolated from the next) When I check the CPU loads for all 5 other network cards in TaskMonitor they land around 5-15% CPU utilization, which seems fine to me and in line with what I would expect. However, when I check the 1 module which previously failed it sits around 45% CPU utilization with no spikes. This obviously doesn't seem right. I know this is limited information, but would anyone have any guesses as to why this would be happening, or if it could be considered nominal? Thanks! -dualmal