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  1. compactlogix firmware upgrade fail

    Thank you for your reply 1-The processor L43 has serial port only not Eathernet Port 2- i installed Eathernet card beside the PLC, put address on the card by BOOTP- DHCP server, but i can see the eathernet card only on RSlinx without the PLC 3- the PLC is new but i dont have warranty
  2. compactlogix firmware upgrade fail

    I have new compactlogix plc L43, it was 1.4 firmware rev and when i try to upgrade the firmware the communication lost during upgrade , I make this upgrade using Serial communication (very slowwwwww) Now i cannot see the plc on RSlinix and cannot communicate with it I know that if the communication loss during firmeare upgrade, the PLC will be stop and it should return back to allen bradley any one have soloution for this problem ??????????????