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  1. Dear PLC_guy_in_Yokohama, i search in website with address "mitsubishi.automation",  and i saw module QJ71EIP71 (see link), and it's function is ethernet IP communication but i can not see EDS file of that module to add to RSlogix5000 to config parameter  of data communicate, also IP address of module to communicate. https://eu3a.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en/mymitsubishi/download_manager?id=12484  thanks you,
  2. Dear all, i have a problem with communication between AB PLC (compactlogix series) and Mitsubishi PLC (Melsec Q). So my system have a lot of AB PLC and they are commmunicate via ethernet IP, So i would like to integrated Mitsubishi PLC to AB system.  and i have a idea, i will insert module QJ71EIP71 to Mitsubishi PLC and communicate with AB PLC via ethernet IP.  Do you think that solution will work? and in AB PLC, do i just use instruction "MSG" to read and write data to Mitsubishi PLC? Thanks in advance,
  3. Dear all, i would like to stop my system in emergency case, it should be stop immediately. my drive is power flex 755 and communicate with PLC control logix via ethernet (port 13). So in control word from PLC to drive, i see a bit is "current limit stop". what does it mean, what kind of stop? can i use it to stop my system (moving item is too heavy, near 200kg)? Thanks in advance,
  4. Stop drive in 2 second

    Dear KarboFOS, when Bits 10&11 = 00, and i command stop drive, you said Decel time 2 (P. 538) not use and how about Decel time 1 (p. 537)? will my drive stop with decel time 1 or it will stop with inertial force (run free) thanks you,
  5. Dear all, I have a system with high speed movement application and weight of machine is near 200kg. They is controlled by Powerflex 755 22Kw and motor 22Kw (1475 rpm) and PLC control logic, connection between plc and drive is ethernet. So, now I would like to make a emergency stop button to stop machine in 2s or 1s to safety case. i have already external brake resistor, connect to drive. i have 3 confusion. 1. if i can stop a machine in 1,2s, what will happen with my device (what is broken)? drive or motor or brake resistor or mechanic part of machine...? 2. when i set my first dec. time in drive is 2s and my second dec. time is 10s, and PLC send command stop to drive via ethernet, drive will stop in 2s or 10s? 3. with 1st dec. time is 2s, and 2nd dec. time is 10s. what is different between 2 command: 1 solution: 1 send command stop and 2 solution: i will set speed setpoint of drive is 0 and command start is still remain. thanks for your support,
  6. Stop drive in 2 second

    Dear KarboFOS, if my bits 10&11 = 00 (it mean i don't care them in my program), when i command stop drive, is our default decel. time 2 second? or i have to force them to 01 to choose decel. time is 2s. thanks you,