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  1. CX-Server Detected A Problem

    Hello Guys, iam newbie here and my knowledge is a little about this. To the point i have a problem with cx-server. It didnt work as well. One of message shows on the screen is access the cx-server denied. as shown below someone can help me to solve this problem ?
  2. CX-Supervisor can't runtime

    hello guys, i got a little bit problem with my cx-supervisor 3.2. when i clicked the cx-supervisor development project, the message showed that cx-server detected a problem during initialitation. But it could enter the program with the new message again that access to the cx-server project has been denied and finally it surely could not runtime. After that i tried to fix it with uninstall and re-install but the result was the same. Please i need help to solve this problem. i have fixed it as much as i can it didnt work. Thank You Best regard