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  1. Hello I use of delta PLC and HMI(With Ethernet Port).... i want storing number in PC with communication PLC or HMI With PC.... I want Save a number frequently with time in PC..... for Example in Excel File.... What is simplest way? Please Help me.... refer without Citect soft...
  2. edge detection

    hello... i use of OMRON CQM1h-CPU51. How do I find rising edge for increment a Counter?
  3. CQM1H-CPU51 Download Program

    Very Thank.......... 1- i can program by turn on Dip-sw4..... But now Run LED is of... what is problem? 2- How to Select Coil from first output in OC222 Card in Cx-programmer? I do not understand how to set valid address in input and output(Coil) in CX-Programmer.
  4. CQM1H-CPU51 Download Program

    hello...... i use of C200HS-CN220-EU Program Download Cable for downloading program to plc. i can work online but when transfer to plc error is check dip switch.... i read manual and dip switch table but cant set dip switch..... please help me to setting dip-switchs for C200HS-CN220-EU Program Download Cable...