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  1. RSLogix5000 PID Instruction

    My Forum's friends. Always in the same program I mentioned in my question before, I found another 2 PID Loops and they are relationated with a variable named "TieBack" (.TIE) I found in one of de PID. How works this kind of interaction between the 2 PID. Thanks again. Zeno Martorana. Italy
  2. RSLogix5000 PID Instruction

    Hi, my friends. I am analyzing a program made in RSLogix 5000, specially de PID loops, I have some questions: This is the first: In AUTO mode a PID can control an Output %, using only the variable, .SO ? or this kind of variable is only active in Manual mode? and first we have to set the BIT, .SWM or .MO In the program I mentioned, there is a PID that its CV is not used in nowhere in the program, but his .SO variable (Named as AIC 5600.SO) is used like Input in other 2 SCP instructions, and then its outputs are connected to physical analogue outputs. Is that possible? What kind of control is this? Please give some light about it.Thanks. Zeno Martorana.Italy.