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  1. GE Fanuc HMI

    Hi Can anyone tell me what programming software is required to extract a program from this GE Fanuc HMI? Any manuals available for it? Thanks in advance
  2. GE Fanuc HMI

    It's connected to a 90-30 series plc, I think it uses an ADC 311 COPROC in the rack. Looks like I need to recreate it all on a modern HMI.
  3. GE Fanuc HMI PC

    Hi Does anyone know anything about the attached panel PC which communicates with a GE 90/30 PLC.  Any information about how it was programmed would be useful.  It seems to be a SCADA type application that runs on Windows 3.11 and is way past its replacement date! Thanks in advance
  4. Move DB block data to Output Bytes

    Hi I'm using TIA 16 and S7 1200 and have a DB block set up with 20 bytes of data which I want to move to QB100 for 20 bytes. I've done it with individual MOVE instructions e.g MOVE DB3.DBB0 -> QB100, MOVE DB3.DBB1 -> QB101 etc which is working OK but feel there must be a better way with MOVE_BLK or MOVE_BLK_VARIANT. I can only find examples where data is moved from DB to DB and can't seem to get anything to compile with MOVE_BK or MOVE_BLK_VARIANT. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  5. S5 STL to ladder question

    Hi, I have the following STL code in an old S5 processor, can someone tell me if I've transcribed it to ladder correctly please? :O    F11.0 :O    F11.1 :(    I81.6 :AN    F11.2 :AN    F11.2 :O    I81.6 :A    Q64.3 :) :A    I64.6 :A    I64.0 :AN    F3.6 :=    Q64.3 F11.0    I81.6   F11.2   F11.3    I64.6    I64.0    F3.6                  Q64.3 [ ]---------[ ]-----[/]---------[/]--------[ ]--------[ ]-------[/]-------------------( )           |         |                         | F11.1 |         |  I81.6    Q64.3 | [ ]------          ---[ ]------[ ]-------   Thanks in advance
  6. DH485 RJ45 switch or hub

    I have connected 2 dtam units to one slc 5/03 with an rj11 (I think) splitter.  You might be able to use this as a method but I have not ever attempted this.
  7. old software needed

    Have a word with your local vendor about logic master 90, it's also bundled on the versapro and profiecy software disks I think.  Get a trial copy of either.
  8. TSX 47-30 Memory fault LED

    Probably lost the program, but also watch out for faulty PSU AND lost program.  If it was a black tab on memory module that would be a eeprom module but as it is a red one it will drop it's program.
  9. Not sure this is possible with the CLX, I think your PLC2 needs to be on DH+    
  10. 1747 - L532C SLC 5/03 fault

    If you haven't removed the memory module I've had this when the power supply is faulty.  It powered up (there was a slight delay noticeable) but it dumped the program.  Changing the psu fixed the issue. Of course the memory module could be faulty also.
  11. What is wrong with this SFC

    Have a look at the TONR instruction
  12. What is wrong with this SFC

    Step 0 is set to a type N - non-stored which means the code in the step is continually scanned, so every time you set BACKWASH_START_PB to a 1 the code in step 0 sets it back to a zero.  If you click the square box next to the N you can set the Qualifier to Pulse (Rising Edge) which means the code in step 0 will only be scanned on the rising edge of the step becoming true.  
  13. TP177 / MP177

    Can someone tell me the main differences between these two HMI's, can the program from a MP177 be modified and put in a TP177?
  14. Can anyone tell me what programming software is used on one of these terminals and also if there is a special cable required.
  15. Thanks for the info, I sorted it out this morning. The software is XBT L100 which runs on a windows 98 machine (in dos mode), its downloadable from the Schneider website.  The cable is: 2-2, 3-3, 5-7 plus 6+4 linked, 7+8 linked at the 9 pin (pc) end. As you say its well obsolete but the client had purchased a spare from ebay and I needed to get the program from another unit to download into this one.
  16. Fault Code 80

    You need a rung in your ladder program to put the devicenet module in run, download the manual from ab.com.
  17. RS Logix v. 20.04

    The firmware does not need changing in the plc when upgrading to 20.04 from 20.01 or 20.03  
  18. S7 300 capturing a short duration input

    I need to catch an input changing state which has a very short duration and I'm currently missing it due to scan time.  Is there a way in Siemens to improve the chances of catching a change by programming e.g. using something similar to a Selectable timed interrupt (STI) from the Allen-Bradley world or maybe a FAST TASK? Thanks in advance for any suggestions  
  19. GOT GS2107 List Selector

    Hi, I'm replacing a system I did 10 years ago with Allen-Bradley with a new Mitsubishi system using a GOT hmi.  I'm basically recreating what I did previously so the operators don't have to learn something new.  In the old system I had a list selector where the operator would use arrow keys to scroll down the list of tanks (e.g. Tank A, Tank B etc etc) to select the destination tank, this would return a number to the PLC which would then open the appropriate valve for that tank.  I can't seem to find anything like that in the Mitsubishi software (GT Designer3), can it be done?
  20. GOT GS2107 List Selector

    OK thanks, I'll use a couple of momentary buttons to increment/decrement D0 in the PLC
  21. Can anyone tell me if its possible to modify a program, load it on to a CF card then send someone to site to swap the existing card for the new one. The processor is set to read the card on boot-up already. If it can be done what needs to get loaded onto the card? Thanks in advance
  22. Programming cable for DL330

    Can anyone advise on the programming cable for this processor, can it be read with software or does it only work with a handheld programmer. Thanksin advance
  23. Target processor shows a red X in proficy 8.5

    I've backed up two machines with Proficy ME 8.5 and both show a red X on the project name. I think this maybe due to the processors containing software written in LM90 can anyone shed some light on how to resolve this. Do I need to download from Proficy ME to resolve this?
  24. Trying to back up some 90-30 programs

    The dll files did not work on the XP machine, just to complete the thread
  25. Trying to back up some 90-30 programs

    I have 3 systems to back up the programs on. I have a windows xp sp 3 laptop with real serial port and I'm running LM90 not sure of the version but sure its 9. something. I've connected to all 3 machines and attempted to LOAD FROM PLC TO PROGRAMMER, all 3 come back with the following after 30 seconds or so: (S43) Communicaton failed or I've seen: Error during load; program folder incomplete. Must reload or restore logic I'm not sure if the programs are security protected to prevent an upload or some other issue if someone could shed some light on this? The next question is that each system has 3 PLC's. Do they all need connecting to and an upload done for each? Final question is there is a coprocessor in the main plc rack, does it's program get uploaded with the main plc (when I can get that to work!) or does it need a separate upload? Thanks in advance