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  1. It as al zeros in it. Yes I'm sure. The IP address of the CJ is, from the database and from NJ The problem isn't on the IP address. It could be on the fins communication. But, as I'm testing it with PLC's that are running and can´t be stopped or changed the configuration, I can't troubleshoot it. The connection to the database is also good, because if declare a variable and give it a value, it updates it to the database. I'm doing a new test using a CJ1M and a switch, that allows me to do all the tests I want. If you really don't see any problem in the code I suppose that the problem can only relay in the communications setup.
  2. Yes I tried that and it only returned 0's. I'm attaching my program here, but now I believe that the problem is the communication setup. Probably the node, or network in the remote PLC. To troubleshoot it, i'm doing a new test with a clean PLC and see what conclusions I can reach.
  3. The value in the SrcCH is 0 (by default). From what I understand that value corresponds to the word from where we want to get the data (in this case DM0)?
  4. After testing one more time I still can't understand what's wrong. I change the variable in the Fins_Receive function to the used in the conversion to string, but it only returned me 0. I did the opposite, and that didn't work either. However, using both variables seems to work, when I get all the values in the array (DM_0_9[0], DM_0_9[1..]... DM_0_9[9]) which gave me 1, 2, 3 and 4, for the first values in the array and the rest with 0's. Clearly not what is memory. My knowledge of Fins protocol isn't very profound and I can't remove the hypothesis of bad configuration in the configuration parameters. Again, lack of documentation on the Fins_Receive instruction (and also Fins_Send, couldn't understand why) can also be an issue. Does the DstDat variable has always to be an array of word? What if I only want to get one word? Doesn't make any sense to me use an array in such case. Does the value stored in the AT parameter corresponds to the word where I want to get information from (%D0 -> DM0)? If there is any another information that you think it should be relevant to solve this, let me know so that I can post it. Thank you.
  5. I think that I have the routing table configured but i have to confirm. The NodeNo correspond to the last octet of the IPv4 address (which is 154). I also have issues regarding the Fins_Receive instruction. I can´t find anything related to that instruction. I also have doubt with those variables, since it was explained to me by an employee of Omron, and he used those variables to exemplify it. The type of address (Array [?..?] of Word) is also causing me some difficulties, since i'm using it to get more than one word at each time, but I don't find any instruction to convert it all to a string for example. I thought of passing each value of the array to one variable ( DM_0_9[0]=a; DM_0_9[1]=b....something that look a like what i use to do when I'm programming in C). I'm going to do a new test, changing the variables and checking the routing table, and I'll reply to you soon.
  6. Hi guys, I'm using NJ501-1320 for the first time, but i'm having a hard time trying to get the information read from another PLC connected to the switch. I have successfully established the connection to the database, and write some values to it. The main problem now is sending the values in memory, to that same database. So i'm reading the values using an array [0..9] of word, and then converting the same variable to string. The instruction receive doesn't have no reference in the manual, so i don't know if the problem is there. Any help would be aprecciated. Thanks