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  1. Serie L and Modbus TCP

    Hi, every one. I have updated my GxWorks and now I am able to see the modbus choise. I have had defined 2 protocols. The first one for the modbus 03 function and other one for the 16. Predefined protocols definitions are quite easy. Protocols are being executed with the instruction "sp.ecprtcl" However, these predefined protocols are not working properly for controlling slaves. Very frecuently the protocols start but not end. So, I have to reset. I suppose I have to review them deeply. Nevertheless, Thank you every body.
  2. Serie L and Modbus TCP

    Gambit, thanks a lot for your recommendation!! However I was not able to see a general purpose protocol (including Modbus). I have attached a screen with the protocols that I can get with my GxWorks 2 Versión 1.98C. Is it a version problem? Should I to download a special library?
  3. Serie L and Modbus TCP

    Unfortunately, the Mitsubishi technician is not available today . Meanwhile, it strikes me almost no information about using Modbus with the L series I only found this library (LQnUDEModbusTCP_GW2_V110.sul and LQnUDEModbusTCP_GW2_V110.gxw program ) on the site of Mitsubishi but no real applications .
  4. Serie L and Modbus TCP

    Thank you Crossbow. I am afraid something is wrong here. I was talking with a mitsubishi technician who advice me to use this pcl. Before to enter to this forum, I was looking for information but really I did not find out nothing.I am going to to talk with him next monday. Thank you.
  5. Serie L and Modbus TCP

    Hi, We have to use a modbus tcp in orden to configurate several festo motor controllers via modbus tcp, We are going to use an L02P CPU because mitsubishi says modbus tcp protocol is implemented in its ethernet port. With FX3u we can use the function ADPRW, Is there any special function in serie L por modbus tpc? thanks in advance. pd: Any experience with MODBUS TCP with a GOT14?