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  1. Problem with trigger camera Keynce with s7-1200

    Yes, contact "sprawdzanie_ok" is basic contact and it is always ok ( always = when I want to use this part of code ). Maybe You're right. Maybe 300ms is too short. I checked it and when I connect trigger for example just to some button - everything is good. How You make on S7-1200 code which is designed to create continuous pulse output with checking the condition?
  2. Problem with trigger camera Keynce with s7-1200

    I'am using directly wired and a vision sensor ( IV series). I check voltage on output from PLC and I dont saw any changes. But why? This is little strange for me, because all time I see high state in TIA Portal on Monitoring mode. Maybe you can give me some extra code? Some alternative solution?
  3. Hello everyone I have a problem with a simple code on the S7-1200.Program code is in the loop at specific time induce trigger on the camera Keyence (Q6.6).And at the same time check the response of the camera (I7.1).The problem is that I have given code does not work - does not turn on trigger the camera (no high state at the output), although when at work turn on the "Monitor" you can see that on the line appears high (the line gets green). Does anyone know the cause of this problem?Maybe some alternative solution? Greetings Mikolaj
  4. S7-1200 connect via ethernet with Keyenc camera

    Sorry for late, but problem now is not valid. Thanks for last answer.
  5. I have camera Keyence connected via ethernet to the S7-1200. In the cameras can be set about 30 "tools". Each "tool" perform a different function in the image. In what way in the program code on S7-1200 I can read eg Tool number 10? For example, if tool 10 is the correct I want to to value 1 on some tag for eg camera_tool1. Thank you in advance for any help. Regards Mikołaj