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  1. tsx premium

    Hello sir Thank you for your reply Let me see that again, and I'll be back to you Thank you very much
  2. tsx premium

    Hello sir I've already done what you said there's long tile ago, the alone area in the programm where i find %MMW1840 is the line showed previously Anyway; thank you for your reply My best regards   
  3. tsx premium

    Hello sir thank you for your reply ok i understand now; iam not familiar with grafcet; that's why i did not know what this means In the programm line concerning the Counter; it's written: IF %IW7.0.4 "GREATER OR EQUAL THAN"  %MW1840  THEN  INC%MD4454 Looking on variables windows; i notice that :  MW1840 is the pieces Counter,;    IW7.0.4 = Counter pv value;;    %MD4454 = Tag adress on the IHM On the machine, i don't see a sensor for bottle counting, then i don't know what increment or decrement the counter Hope to read you soon My best regards
  4. Hello to allIve seen this line on a machine programm (see on attached file) but I don't understand what it means Can someone tell me?I was troubleshooting the system, the couting number on IHM suddenly show many "diez symbol", meaning that counter has reached the max value while it's not.Any help would be greatly appreciatedMy best regards LADDER SNAPSHOT.pdf
  5. OMRON CJ1M CPU 21

    Hello the machine is working since 8 years now and I never had this problem.It's not a problem of code as there's no modifications in the programm. As stated by BobB, it's should be the battery although the low voltage battery is not detected. I'll change it and let you know; Thanks to all for your different posts Best regards.
  6. OMRON CJ1M CPU 21

    Hello BobB, thank you for your reply The plc is turned off only during the week ends. The memory area used is DMxxxx I think the battery is ok because the "ERR/ALM" led is off
  7. OMRON CJ1M CPU 21

    Hello to all Since a certain time I've noticed that the parameters values sent to the plc via IHM are not anymore recognized by the plc I'm obliged to re-enter other parameter values to see the machine working fine again. The plc reference is: CJ1M CP 21 The IHM reference is NS10 What would be the problem,? Best regards.
  8. P_Off flag

    Hello sir Thank you for your reply That's clear now Thank you so much Best regards
  9. P_Off flag

    Hi, thanks for your soon reply then, how the MOV instruction will activate? Look at this link
  10. P_Off flag

    Hello to all; thank you for this very interesting website. I was just reading a programm of a machine and I noticed the " P_Off" flag preceding a MOV instruction. I wander how a falg which is always Off can activate an output. Can someone tell me how this flag work? or a doc which describe the behavioural of this flag. Hope to read you soon Best regards.
  11. analog input for temperature sensor

    Hello I followed the link and downloaded the file (zip file) but when openening the FB, I'm prompted that it's impossible to open the file I use Cx-programmer 9.0 Hope to read you soon Best regards.