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  1. Export GX Works (FX2n-48mr) to CodeSys

    I am no expert in GW, but I think that I use simple ladder. The codesys I want to conver to is the same [Codesys (versions 2.3, 3.1-3.5)] Is there a way/path for the conversion?
  2. Export GX Works (FX2n-48mr) to CodeSys

    This is not news to me. I know that I can use the original SW for documentation. However I'd like to extract the programing to another format. the 3rd party have a very interesting and usable format of documentsation. Is there an XML export?
  3. Export GX Works (FX2n-48mr) to CodeSys

    I need the program to be on CodeSys as I want to analyse the code using Itris-automation PLC DOCGEN.
  4. Hi, I have a program for FX2N-48mr written in GX Works (gxw). I'd like to convert the software to CodeSys. If possible, can anyone send me the best procedure for it? Thanks. Oren