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  1. stf and stop on at same time

    Thanks for the reply!, It seems to look internal, The stf turns on but it seems like internal run relay is not closing to complete the circuit,  , we dont use the mrs terminal and just for shits and giggles i jumpered it out with sd and it made no diff, The stop just wont go away....grrrrrrrrr
  2. stf and stop on at same time

    i have a 800 series vfd drive that when trying to start has the STF function and stop on at the same time, does this sound like a plc issue or a wiring issue?
  3. Hello everyone! Im hoping someone could shed some light on a issue im having. Im having issues with a 1794 ow8 output module. This module is used to control 8 hydraulic cylinders that push biomass into a burner. The overall problem is that roughly once every couple months a output will short in the on state and force a coil on, activating the vavle full time and burning out the coil. Each seperate output is fused on the module with a 2a fuse and each modules incoming power is also fused at 2a. The output that is shorted did not blow its fuse. The 'ON' light is not activated but 120v still runs through it. Since each valve has 2 coils and one is forced 'on' the main fuse will blow once the second half of the valve is activated because the valve is fighting itself. It is not just this one module, this happens on other modules that serve the same funtion as well. This is a contractor installed system but they have been no help so im left trying to figure it out. Could my seperate inputs be fused too high at 2a for this type of card. These are parker valves 120v 60hz with a max 1500psi pushing wet hog/chips. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!
  4. photo eye latch

    thanks for advice, im already using a tof for the output , what i ended up using was just a latch turned on by the p/e then unlatched by the timer .dn, The latch will tell the plc something is there even if the photo eye isnt blocked and i wont have to worry about the timer timing out if the machine stops.
  5. Hello everyone! Could someone give me a little direction? Im sure its a little basic, Im trying to replace a limit switch with a photo eye. basically i need a piece of lumber to pass the photo eye then it will stop at a j hook. when the line is clear the j hook will drop long enough for the lumber to pass (timer needed) . The limit switch worked well because the length of the wand allowed the input to stay on, The photo eye needs to be able to latch on because the lumber passes it then travels a little to the hook ,. basically small peices of lumber dont cover the photo eye . Should i be using a [ons] before my latch?, any discussion on this would be great.