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  1. S7 300 BF blinking and SF

    Hello. I am new at Siemens Plc. My problem is after power interruption my S7 300 alarm BF 2 and BF 3 blinking And SF too. I reset the entire system but still BF2 and 3 still on blinking.    What should i do. ?    Thank you.
  2. Cj2m-CPU31_ Allen bradley powerflex 525_Ethernet

    Good Day, Thanks for the inputs. I drive the Inverter tru terminal inputs. And set the frequency tru auto set up. 10hz,30,50, & 60hz. But i want to see the ampere or hertz in my pc in actual run. BSI or Ethernet is the connection.   Thank you in advance
  3. Hello, I have Omron plc specifically CJ2m-CPU31 connected to Allen bradley  powerflex 525. I wonder what command should i use to drive the frequency inverter  and to change the frequency at a certain time. Any body can help me.   Thanks in Advance.
  4. Good Day, First time to connect Omron PLC to Allen Bradley frequency drive via ethernet ( POWERFLEX 525 ). I wonder what command should i use to start the inverter and change the frequency. I hope somebody can help me.   Thank you in advance.  
  5. Send data memory from PLC to other PLC with CX Programmer

    Hello, I need to send data from plc 1 to plc 2. then send back to plc 1 one's i receive the data to reset or clear the data from plc 1. thank you.  
  6. Send data memory from PLC to other PLC with CX Programmer

    hello, What if i am using 2 CJ2m-CPU31, PLC1 - Unit#0 - Node #2 -  PLC2- Unit#6- Node#6 What should i put to may local and remote node of my rcv command. Thank You in advance  
  7. Cx Integrator

    Thank you for the replay, I am using ethernet connection. SEND and RECEIVE command is the only i should do. Am i right? There is no other setting in the plc to be set?   Thanks in advance
  8. Cx Integrator

    Hello, Just asking a question. It is possible to communicate two plc ( CJ2M ) using cx integrator.? It is possible to exchange data between the two of them? Thank you, 
  9. CJ1W-SCU22 ver.2.1

  10. CJ1W-SCU22 ver.2.1

    Good Day, My situation is, I use CJ1W-SCU22 module to read data from my weigh-er.  PT210EN - Baud Rate: 115200, 7.1 even Scu22 - Baud Rate: 115200, 7.1 even.,               Port1 Comm Mode: No protocol               Protocol Setting :  1:1 protocol               NO protocol Start code inclusion : NONE               NO protocol End code inclusion : CR+LF I don't know why the RXDU command cannot read data from my weigh-er monitor. RD1 is rapidly blinking in the unit(SCU22). Any one can help?   Thank in advance.
  11. Rs232 PLC Settings

    finally i'm done, i got it. thank you.. I made my weighing scale into 2 decimal point.. Thank you.
  12. Rs232 PLC Settings

    Hello, Any body can answer me what happen why D103 does not convert but d104 is okay. d104 is the data of first digit + decimal of my weigh-er. D104 is the data of 2nd and 3rd digit of my weigh-er. D104 - Di= #0010, while d103 - Di= #0012. 
  13. Rs232 PLC Settings

    Thank You Very Much, I understand now. I got it in a series of trial and error, Funny but effective. Thank you,
  14. Rs232 PLC Settings

    Good Day, Thank you for your support. But i don't know why HEX command doesn't response. There is no conversion output.  I have a 9.6 kg load but no conversion has been done. What should i do?  Thank you in advance.
  15. Rs232 PLC Settings

    Thank very much for your help, Just another question, How can i convert string data or do i have to convert the DATA ( string ) in to other form of data. Because i need to stop my pump in a certain load. Just an Example i have a 100 kg load at 90 kg the pump should stop running. Thank you in advance.