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  1. What is a PAC? How is it different from a PLC? Does Rockwell/ Allen-Bradley have some/any of PAC?
  2. Thanks guys. Let's suppose I got the setup one suggested by ASF, now I want to log the data from PLC to my computer, do I require to make a SCADA in RSView32 or FactoryTalk view? Are there any ways other than these two?
  3. I am getting this error. How to resolve this?
  4. Which PLC and expansion modules will suit best for my requirements if I only have the RSLogix 5000 v17?
  5. Thank You very much ASForrest. I do have RSLogix 5000 v17 90 days Trial version and honestly I am comfortable with RSLogix 5000. This is my first automation project and I've never programmed MicroLogix PLC. The institute I learnt PLC programming from, they have Control Logix and RSLogix 5000. I'll consider your suggestion. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you both of you. Thank you very much.
  7. My system has 11 analog inputs, 6 analog outputs. 10 digital inputs and 13 digital outputs. Which Allen Bradley will be best at lowest of cost for my system? Can I use Micrologix 1000?
  8. I am programing in RS Logix 5000 v17, on 32 bit Windows 7 ultimate. I want to develop SCADA for my process. Where can I get a TRIAL VERSION of FactoryTalk View Studio or RSView32 compatible with my pc?
  9. I am doing programming in RSLogix 5000 90 days trial version for now and to test my logic I go to my college lab.
  10. Hello. I've learnt PLC programming in RSLogix 5000 for Control Logix PLC's. Now I'm working on a project which is in development phase and requires automation, it's my first job and first project. My employer has bought a Mitsubishi PLC named Messung Nextgenie 1000, which can be programmed only from Codesys, but what I found is that I cannot find instructions like move logic, compare, compute-math, Program Control, Special (PID), which are all necessary for even the simplest of the program for an automated process. I can not ask my employer to buy Allen Bradley PLC and Rockwell sotfware packages, and accesories as they are all very costly and my company is still a startup. So I just need a guidance in this concern, how can I migrate from AB to Mitsubishi. basically, RSLogix to Codesys for now.
  11. I know I might me doing very silly and major mistakes in the program, I'm still learning. I've made changes in threshold values, but the problem statement remains the same
  12. I've been trying and deleting the previous logic that didn't work, so here is the latest what I have developed
  13. We can assume the whole condition of A & B as one single input condition, which has to be satisfied to make an increment at output.
  14. I want to build a logic in ladder diagram in RSLogix 5000 v16/v17 where an analog output is intially set to 10%. Two analog inputs are continuously being read and being compared to some respective threshold values, and if any of these two inputs are less than their respective threshold values, the PLC has to increment the analog output by 2% every 5 seconds. The effect of the analog output increment is reflected on this two analog inputs. If both the inputs reached their respective threshold values, turn on an LED lamp. Let me make it simple to understand: Let A = analog input1 B = analog input 2, C = analog output initially C = 10 after 5 seconds if A < 22 OR B < 36, then increment C by 2% if A < 22, B = 36, then increment C by 2% if A = 22, B < 36, then increment C by 2% and if A = 22 or greater and B = 36 or greater, turn on LED lamp do this (increase C by 2 %) every 5 seconds until both the inputs are equal or greater than their threshold values, i.e. A = 22, B = 36. The analog output must be set at increased value until next increment is given I've tried this using timer, timer done bit, timing bit, enable bit all, but did not success. The PLC doesn't increment after 1st increment, my logic is faulty. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)