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  1. Array index in GX developer

    Hello all, I wanted to reply to this old post just to give my opinion about GxWorks software. I tried the IEC programmer and then switched back to the simple old style project for some reasons. IEC project is surely more powerful than simple projects and makes code simpler to maintain, but using simple project is faster to develop and less PLC resource consuming (simple timers require calls to function blocks and devices for input/output, for example). IEC development requires an additional drawing effort in order to put FBs and wire them to devices. IEC programs can't be correctly read back from PLCs. I can't understand why Mitsubishi is disregarding the development of the simple project with labels. Really there's no much more work to do: - Allow indexes for labels in the form LABEL[V0]. It's really simple to develop. - Allow access to bits in word labels (LABEL.1). It's really simple to develop, again. - Do not enlarge the ladder size when displaying long labels. - Allow more than 11 or 17 devices per ladder row. - ST programming with more support for labels. CX developper for OMRON PLCs is a good example for a non IEC ladder editor. Maybe someone from Mitsubishi could read this post... Regards