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  1. Communication between PLC (CP1L) and HMI (NT3S)

    I already draw the push button and set the bit address, but my problem is how to activate an OUT in the plc using the HMI, the plc needs to read the bit address and activate the OUT, i just don't know how to program it in the CX-PROGRAMMER.
  2. Hi, In my project, im tring to send a command from the hmi to the plc, truew the cable RS232 using the foloing conections: NT3S PLC 2 -----3 3------2 5------9 _4 |_5 But i dont know how the cp1l will read the comand sent by the HMI, i tried to use the HELP in the CX-PROGRAMMER but i stil didnt understand how they communicate. I already know that they communicate using the memory DM, and that the HMI works with ASCII communicacion.