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  1. S7 1200 as Slave

    Hi everyone, I have a S7 1200 with profibus slave module. I want to connect this to S7 400H profibus network. I have added S7 1200 gsd file and configured in S7 400 system. But still Bus fault is there. Please help to configure S7 1200 as a profibus slave in S7 400H master system. Thanks in advance. Joshua.
  2. FX3U as Modbus slave

    I worked as per the example in the manual. But it's not working for me. If any one have any worked out example please give me. Thank You Joshua
  3. FX3U as Modbus slave

    Thank you for the reply. Let me try and give the feedback
  4. FX3U as Modbus slave

    Hi I want to use FX3U as Modbus slave. I am using 485-ADP MB and successfully communicated as slave device. Now my master is able to access all my registers. But I want my Master to access only D1000 to D1100 registers. How can I do this? Please help me out. Thank You Joshua
  5. Need Logic

    I want a plc program. I am going to use Mitsubishi FX series plc. if anyone give idea, it will be useful
  6. Need Logic

    Hi everyone, I want to develop a logic for security alert system. I have to generate an alarm at irregular time intervals. No one should know the time interval. PLC has to give a digital output at any time. How to create this logic? Regards Joshua
  7. Scaling in FX 3GE PLC

    Thank you so much. It's working. With Regards Joshua
  8. Scaling in FX 3GE PLC

    Can anybody please help me? I have FX 3GE plc and reading (4-20) mA signal using built in analog input as 0 to 3200 counts. I want to display this counts as (0-1500) RPM. I searched the manuals, SCL and SCL2 instruction will work only in FX 3U PLC not in FX 3GE plc. Please help me to scale the values. Thanks in advance With Regards Joshua