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  1. Hi everybody I am start to make a small SCADA on MC works64 and I need a timer but I cannot find it. May anyone please give me an idea or document. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. Echo back setting on QJ71C24n - R4

    I see, Thank you so much.
  3. Echo back setting on QJ71C24n - R4

    It's unlucky that I am not able to change my wiring to RS422, it must be Rs485. I am now trying Pre-defined protocol to do the Modbus rtu. Follow your advise, I looked for code to ignore echo back in MELSEC-Q manual, chapter number 8: " DATA COMMUNICATION USING THE PRE-DEFINED PROTOCOL" but It may be not here. Would you please give me some idea or keyword about this code for I can find it easier. Thank you so much for your help.
  4. Hi everybody. I have 1 QJ71C24n-R4 with 2 channels CH1 & CH2 and I want to use Modbus RTU for both of channels to read data from electric meter. Now I can do it well with CH2 but cannot with CH1. The reason is echo back setting, my GX work 2 only able to prohibit echo back on CH2, not able on CH1. Does anyone know about this problem? Please give me some advise. Thank you so much.
  5. Hi kicker,

    I need your guideline about Mitsubishi PLC from you. I have Q06H CPU, QJ71C24N and Power meter. So...I want to read data from power meter via QJ71C24N and the communication protocal is MODBUS RTU. I used GX work 2 for ladder programmimg and predefine protocal for config. data but now I can't get data from power meter. please help me.

    thx you very much

    best regards.








    1. kicker


      U is address of QJ71c24n, it should be 2 or 3, depend position of the module on your base.

  6. Programming Error using QJ71C24N

    Hi Husanto. I also have some problems with QJ71C24N, may you please post some pictures of your module? Thank you so much.