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  1. Using GX Works 2

    I posted the texts of the errors. The Model is :FX 16MT. It's old. I am trying to read the PLC data using GX Works2. The connection screen comes up and when I try to "read" the PLC is when I get the errors: error: "The Device Data Name is Empty" It acts as if I have to input a name for the data but I can't input anything into the line where the cursor is. I'll try to get a screen shot and show. Right now I'm trying to familiarize myself with the Mitsubishi nomenclature as I'm used to TI and AB. I was able to read the PLC the day before so I have a copy of the program I just wanted to compare.
  2. Using GX Works 2

    Hi all, Just joined today and was browsing through this forum. Now I need advice/help. I have installed the software to read an FX PLC. It worked okay yesterday. I was going through a program printout that I downloaded and couldn't see where the X inputs were in the program. So, I thought i'd go back in and get the program again. I connect to the FX fine. It passes the test and then I connect. The screen comes up entitled "Online Data Operation". I select "All" and hit the execute button. Wait about five seconds and then I get an error: "The Device Data Name is Empty". Okay. I go to put a name on the "Title" box and it WILL NOT TAKE KEYSTROKES. Gaack! :helpme: I have restarted the program and laptop several times. No matter what i do it will take keystrokes in the "Title" bar. I cannot get the program. Any thought? The only thing I can think of is to reload the program but that takes quite a while. Old stuff is fun to work on.