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    Oh why didn't I notice that! I feel so stupid. lol. Thank you Jay Anthony!

    I created a simple operation in the picture, I want the =(300) to activate when D4 is 20. However it won't activate if it is two digits. Looking at the two pictures explains my problem. Please anyone help me to find the solution.
  3. Hi there! I have CS1G-CPU42-V1 PLC and I have Cx_programmer V6. I want to connect the PLC/Program to my personal computer. So what type of cable should I use? Is this the type to be used? Does it normally comes with a cd driver? And do I have to identify the ports so my computer knows which input it is? << example photo only Please help me, experts. Thank you!
  4. Need Help For Examples

    Okay thank you so much :)
  5. Need Help For Examples

    Thank you, Jay Anthony! I'm now clear with CMP(020). Boy it's actually easy. But I still cannot get the function of SFTR. I attached a picture for you to see how do I create my program and address. Please take a look. And please point out if there are any mistakes that I've done.
  6. Need Help For Examples

    I'm quite new to PLC OMRON. Before this I use PLC SIEMENS using Simatic Manager. But now that I'm working as an Intern, I have to do PLC using OMRON and Cx_Programmer. So I have to study the instructions first for me to get familiarized with. I'm having trouble with a few instructions below : +C(402) +CL(403) SFTR(84) ASL(25) ROL(27) PIDAT CMP(020) I have lots more but I'm interested in getting to know these first. I've tried learning from online training websites but they use different types of addresses and I find it hard to understand when I follow them. Common inputs that I use is 1.00 until 1.08 (analog buttons). Common outputs that I use is 0.00 until 0.15. Just to make it clear I am seeking for examples for these instructions. It would be great if I can get help for this because I know you all are experts :) Please and thank you!
  7. Output Problem

    It still doesn't work :( Edit : OH WAIT IT WORKS. okay thank you!
  8. Output Problem

    Just like in the description, my problem is the same address of output doesn't work as input for next rung. So basically what I need is when the output is activated, the next input that uses the same address will also activate. I need help for this please. I made an example of a simple program that you can refer at the attachment. Please help me :)