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  1. FX5UC and TCP Modbus Communication

    Thank you for the reply. We did not manage to get any connection from any Modbus simulator. I have contacted my dealer and they have ready to use function blocks for it. Then it seems possible to do.  
  2. Good Day, Does anyone have any expirience with use of build in ethernet port in FX5UC cpu for Modbus TCP/IP communication? I was told by my Mitsubishi dealer that it is possible. I found its configuration page in GX Works 3 but the manuals does not cover this topic for me clearly what and where I need to setup it. Im stuck at the beggining and canoot move forward, does anyone have any example program where it has been working? I have a project where I use build in RS485 Modbus to talk to slaves, and I need to use TCP Modbus to communicate with Master system.   I would be gratefull for any help.
  3. PWM Block in ST/Ladder Program -

    Thank you! Go_Left Variable is Y0 but when i connect another line after PWM it get an error. Thanks for fast reply!
  4. Hello again! This time I have issues with PWM Block in GX Works 2. Im using it to control output for Rudder Machine. S1 Time is Pulse time S2 is response wait time. I follow the rules that S1, S2 cannot be zero, N2<N1. I compile and run the program. Everything is ok, program works perfectly. Sometimes when I modify instructions in PWM Rung - i get an error No. Result Data Name Class Content Error Code 4 ERROR POU_01 Program compile Invalid list code 'PWM D992 D990 M1524'(Ladder Block No.7) F0161 I pinpoint that I use 2 block of PWM one for each side. They cannot work at the same time. See attachments with code Thank you in advance!
  5. Open project you want to protect -> in top Tab open Project -> Security -> User Managment. Set there user and password. Confirm. Next time to open project you need username and passoword. M.
  6. iX Developer

    Or easier (or going around) You can play with visibility option - Button Press - Tag1 on field is visible next press Tag 2 on diffrent field is visible. M.
  7. QJ71MB91

    I do not know what happend to posts in this topic but they are lost. My question is that you mentioned you have FB to reet error led. Can you share this FB? Instructions in manual does not fit real GX Works data i.e. Error clear/ buffer memory addreses.
  8. QJ71MB91

    Good Day Again This time I come to you with question about Modbus control. Im using in my project 3 Modbus modules QJ71MB91. Everything works perfectly, but sometimes errors occurs of reply timeout from slave. I accept that this is normal. But I would need to have control over it! I must prepare an alarm if communication from slaves get disrupted (i.e. wire disconnected, slave turned of = many timeout errors). I worked a simple program which counts number of errors in 1 minute. If its high - it generates an alarm of Modbus Error. Problem occurs when there is only few alarms - I wanted to do "error clear Request" I prepared everything according to manual - but nothing happens, error from Module is not cleared (and it looks bad if Inspector sees on 3 modules Red Error Leds) also I tried to "Force' error led to turn off also I didnt turn it off. And my system have a flaw - if error counter reaches 65000 of errors - which will happen in system in long time - then I will not be able to monitor error - because the counter just stops. And if I understand the manual - only way to reset the counter is to reset the communication ? How to reset it? I cannot restart WHOLE PLC to reset counters of Modbus modules! It would be dumb. I hope this time also You will be able to help me. M.Z.
  9. QJ71E71 - 100

    Got it, and Im sorry. Somewhere in the process i get a mistake in operational settings - was e71 IP adress.... After change everytthing works perfectly. Thankyou still for assistance with mc protocol - everything works when: I setup TCP/IP with proper IP on E71 nad iX developer with mc protocol as controler. Thanks.
  10. QJ71E71 - 100

    Thats the advice - there is plenty of problems with tcp/ip communication with e71. (both eseries panels from mitsubishi and beijer scada). Its better to start mc protcol on plc. You know how to start it on e71 module? The manual to it does not cleary say how-to configure module for this protocole.
  11. QJ71E71 - 100

    Well according to Panels which had identical problems - then I assume Bejer iX Designer also have problems to communicate. They advise me to use MC Protocol - how should I start and configure MC protocol in E71? In build in port i have it on dropdown list and it works perfectly. On e71 menu I do not have that option...
  12. QJ71E71 - 100

    PLC module does not give any error. Also Communication diodes does not blink.
  13. QJ71E71 - 100

    I changed ports on both ends. Can the problem be because I have Both build in cpu and e71 connected to one turboring Moxa switch? (same domain .3 diffrent addreses 38, 39) When I have copied config from your picture - and apply it on both ends - I get information Illegal station. I have station ID in PLC 1 (cannot set 0). IN iX developer Default station is 1. Confusing for me is station list in iX developer where i have numeration starting from 0 where I put my ip port 3800. If I put new station whih on list have ID 1 I get error not Illegal Station but comm err station 1....
  14. QJ71E71 - 100

    Thank You. 1. I have changed UDP port to ffff on PLC side. No changes made to iX Developer - result - Illegal station 2. I have changed parameters in PLC - TCP/IP to Unpassive with both send/recieve with port 3900. On side of iX Dev/Runtime I set it to TCP/IP put port 3900 - result - comm error station 1. Can you show me clear working parameters (can be mc protocol) settnings in e71 module? The manual in pdf is not clear for me how to create mc protocol connection. Thank you
  15. QJ71E71 - 100

    Yes Correct PC ip is E71 ip is build in port is Is this screen claryfing iX software side of ports?