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  1. Communication between CJ1M and NT31

    Thank you Jay I solved the problem 
  2. Communication between CJ1M and NT31

    thank you guys for your replies . it was very helping.  sorry but i have another question ( i'm noob i know) i made a very simple exemple just with a single screen . when i go in maintenance mode i can see perfectly the screen .  but when it communicate it shows me a blank screen.  the scrren is N°1 and in the pt configuration the starting screen is N°1 thank you again :)
  3. Communication between CJ1M and NT31

    Hi, i have difficulty to make a CJ1M cpu11 communicate with a touch screen NT31. the plc port is set : host link  in the TS menu i cannot change the comm A method to host link ( invalid comm method) . i tried with the port B (RS-232C) the cable is 25 pin (NT) and 9pin (PLC) with RTS-CTS shunted 2-3  3-2 7-9 Please help me. Thank you.  
  4. CQM1-CIF02 RS232 side pinout

    i need the pinout of the CQM1_CIF02 . thank you
  5. change time in a NT31 touch screen

  6. change time in a NT31 touch screen

    I have a machine working with a touch screen ( OMRON NT31) . The indicated time is wrong and i cannot find how i change it. The time in the touch screen is loaded from DMs but in the cx program , i cannot find these DM and how can i change it. Ihe DM are 5000 >>5004 Sorry for my english . Thank you.