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  1. Dear Messrs., I need information to reverse engineer a GML diagram from the uploaded script. 1)Documentation for GML script language (iCODE ) Thanks,
  2. RSLOGIX5000

    Thank you for the information
  3. Help me please I have a file *.ACD of a top version of RSlogix5000 to which I possess and cannot open her, presents the following error: The project file was created with a newer version of RSLogix 5000 software. The version identifier in the project file is later than the version identifier used by this version of the software. The project file can only be opened by the version of the software that created it, or a later version. If you must, for some reason, try to open the project in this (older) version of the software, you must open it with the newer version, export it, and then try to edit the exported file. The version that I have is the V7.02.00 as this problem solves
  4. C200H-RM201

    Hi someone to help myself to obtaining the manual of C200H-RM201 and know if this supports remote analogical modules and which are. Thank you
  5. scaling and PID

    Hi I am having problem with the function scaling and PID, I would like that someone was facilitating an already proven application. Thank you
  6. CPM2A Problems to load the Instructions of exp.

    Thank you Sleepy Wombat
  7. Hi I have problems to load the Instructions of expansion and when I load the program in the CPU, says the following message to me: Failed to download the expansionfunctions. Check the PLC DIP switch or settings.
  8. CPM1A-MAD01

    thank you very much Jay
  9. CPM1A-MAD01

    Hi Someone of you might facilitate the manual of the CPM1A-MAD01 to me Thanks.
  10. 1784-PCMK/B

    thank you very much, eman31 By its aid it determines the error, driver PCMK this running perfectly. Very I am been thankful.
  11. 1784-PCMK/B

    Thank you very much for your answers This is the configuration: Global Setting Card services shared memory Start 000C0000 End 00FFFFFF Length 00001000 I install the card using the driver 2.21 that AB gives in your page WED
  12. Hi, everyone I need the steps to eliminate the error message that gives rslinx me, whenever I put to run driver of card 1784-PCMK/B. The error unfolds the following message: 09/25/03, 13:18:01 AB_KT-1 The dual-port memory of the device is either not at the specified address or is conflicting with another device in your computer. Thanks.
  13. Please help me

    Thank you jay But this version is the 1.0 that is the same that I have. And the problem is that there are updates of 1.1 to 1.2 and of 1.2 to 1.3. Alone I needed the update of 1.0 to 1.1
  14. Please help me

    I need the update of cx-protocol the version 1.0 to 1.1