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  1. ABB ACS800 DRIVE issue

    Been slamming my head into this one for a week, as most avenues I have taken have come up dry. I have been getting this short circuit fault since last Friday, and having a co-worker check the motor and the motor cable for short circuits with a motor analyzer, all they found was some loose connections from a bypass relay and the motor and the cabling seems fine. I had issues with condensation from the pipe conduit dripping down into the VFD onto an ABB A110-30 contactor and thought maybe corrosion inside on the contacts maybe causing the fault. I dread opening that up and cleaning it, so I wanted to see what you all thought about the contactor being the culprit or not. So right now I have the following culprits: Bypass connections being loose, corroded contactor, faulty output bridge. I figured if it was anything in the drive itself that the internal fault light would be on, but everything is showing green/good on the inside when the VFD is on. If I can't find the awnser to this soon, I may need to find a way to change the parameters to bypass this particular fault, but I would rather find out specifically what is causing it.