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  1. Funny thing is, that after night switch off this module starts to work properly without any change. I'm happy with it, but also afraid that this problem will occur in the future.
  2. Hi, I have problem with 5069-obv8s, trying to use it for a first time just to power relays and contactors. All outputs are in internal fault, even if their are not conected. The card is set to use single output as safety outputs. Additional power on LA+ and LA- ports is connected. I don't know what else should I checked to fix this problem. There is no problem in controler or this specific module just on all of outputs. Hope someone will be able to help.
  3. Hi guys, It seems that I probably forgot to attach my program to this topic. Karll asked me to send it to him, so I put it here as well. BR, Przemek BarCode.rar
  4. Sorry Gerry, I started my post before I recieved your reply. I'll try MAOC
  5. Thanks for this tips. At the beginning I used axis actual position (it's logical to use this variable), but because of many shifted output points signal I tried to use command position with better results. I've seen this tip on other machine. But unfortunately I still see moved output signal. To be honest to trigger output I use one compare block to set an output and reset after specified time (100ms). This application is used to generate trigger signal for inkjet printer, which printing head is moving on traverse, perpendicularly and above the product rows. The printing moves about 1m/s. I need to print a code which has about 25mm on 30mm lenght area. So when my trigger will be generated just little late I loose a part of code because it's printed outside the product. As you said MrAutomation I need to put this logic to high speed task. How do you think, will MAOC instruction be useful in that task? I've never used it before.
  6. Hi all, I would like to ask you for some ideas how can I solve my problem. I need to build the system, which will switch on digital output when my moter will be in specific positions. I drew a simply chart for better explenation. At this moment to do that I use compare block to watch motor command position and then set the output. But for some reasons it's not working correctly. The output is not set allways at the same position. Is there any other option to make it better? I know cam profile blocks but they can only be use to synchronize two drives not to set outputs.
  7. Hi, If you still want to know I can send you my application. It wokrs fine now.
  8. I'm trying to run my SE application with SE client in full screen mod. But even if I set this option, there is allways visible "window bar" from SE client and another with my application inside. I tried to change some options when preparing SE client but without good results. I'm sure that is very easy to set so may by somebody has an idea? I use FTview SE 7.0 (first time :) ) Best regards, Przemek
  9. Hi again, Thanks for this link, it was really useful. Now I have another problem. I'm using ARL and AWA instruction for read and write commands to my barcode reader. Unfortunately these instructions are not executed in program. They are executed only ones when I switched on the scanner. Comm indicator flash only ones as well. I have no idea what could be a problem. Could you please check my program? It's really simply. May some one used this kind of communication in their program with succes and can share it with me to show how to use this protocol with ccw? przemek
  10. Hi Guys, I'm trying to establish communication via serial port (SERIALSOL) with bar code reader from Leuze (BCL 8). Bar code reader can communicate via RS232 with ASCII protocol. Could some one explain me how to use this communication. I can not find any sample code where ASCII communication is used. May be you have one :) ? BCL requires to send a command from PLC (like 'V', some times with parameter) and wait for acknowledgement which will contains reply for my command. I can not find in my CCW blocks for ASCII which will enables uses of these kind of infromation (command with parameter and acknowledgement). Please help me if you have some experience with ASCII communication by Micro 800. Kind regard, Przemek
  11. Hi again, I've talked one more time with RA motion specialist about my issue. I explained point by point what have done and we found my mistake :). After assigning IP address to modul by Bootp utility I should disable bootp mode of module by the node no. switches (from 888 to other above 255). After that I should be able to use RsLinx to assign static IP address one more time. He said that is the same procedure like for PointOI or FlexIO. I'll try this sequence asap and put a feedback here. Maybe someone else will have the same problem as well. cheers, Przemek
  12. Hi, It's my first time with k6500, and I have a little problem. I need to change default ip adress of k6500. I tried to do this by RsLinx and Boot-DHCP server without success. Before using BOOT-DHCP I have changed k6500 to boot mode ( node: 888). Even with this settings I wasn't able to set static address IP and disable boot-dhcp. Boot-dhcp status said "Unable to service BOOTP requested from ...(MAC)". I hope many of you know what is the procedure to change default ip address of this module. I asked RA motion specialist how to do this, but received only that I need to change module mode to bootp (by setting node to 888) and then I will be able to set static address by boot-dhcp. Unfortunately it wasn't work. Any ideas? cheers, Przemek
  13. Hi, I start to configure PLC for new project which required to use one servo (MPL -B320P-R). I'm using Studio5000 softwer to configure L18 controller with Kinetix 6500 modul. But there some fail was occured, because there is no option to choose this MPL motor with resolver (only H, M, S option are available). Is somebody knows what is going on, and how can I solve this problem. The stuff is ordered, so I don't want to change hardware configuration. Thank you in advance for any idea. Cheers
  14. I know that easiest way is use Control Logix but becuase of warranty and customer whish it's not possible tu use it. We need to build separated machine which be synchronized with master drive of production line. I calculate drive application using MotionAnalyzer so it should be enough :) I contacted with my Rockwell Automation local support to dissus this application and choose best option. I'm inclined to use CompactLogix L18, Kinetix 5500 and Ethernet CIP Motion Encoder (as reference signal). Only wait for approval from Rockwell that it'll be works.
  15. Hi, I can get information about master position from other PLC (ControlLogix with sercos loop + Kinetix 6000 drives) by ethernet communication. I don't need any special accuracy ( it could be more then 1mm). May be is there some option to use CIP motion ethernet encoder from AB? But I don't have certainty that it's compatybile with L18 controller and kinetix 350 and can be used to make virtual axis. My application requires that slave drive will follow master conveyor by 350mm then go back and agian follow master conveyor. On conveyors we have trays which has about 600mm lenght and our new drive needs to be synchronized to this conveyor trought 350mm to do something on this trays. By the way, is there some option to use some variable as virtual axis?