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  1. NB Designer help please

    I'll try this as soon as i can. Thank you 
  2. NB Designer help please

    Each referencing a counter/timer on the PLC or is there something built into the NB?
  3. Hi. I'm looking for a way to display on an Omron NB7W HMI, the elapsed time that a machine runs for. So if a machine runs for 6hr 32 minutes the display will be "6:32" It sounds simple but i must be missing something. Can anypne help please?Kind RegardsPaul
  4. Hi I'm totally new to HMI's and only have limited knowledfge of PLC's, so forgive me if i'm asking a basic question but i'm eager to learn. I have an NQ3 connected to a CQM1H PLC. At the moment i'm switching on and off units (via the PLC) using two screen buttons. One button for "on" and one for "off". Basically by writing a "0" or a "1" to a tag thats writing to the LR in the PLC I would like to have just one button that does this job, with feedback. eg, press it once for "on" and again for "off", with feedback from the PLC to indicate the state on button. Can anyone help please?