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  1. Hey guys. I had this happen to me 30 years ago and again just recently. We were troubleshooting a contactor that was not pulling in for a motor. While looking, one of the Electricians in training, pushed in the contactor to manually make it. The contactor sparked and let out magic smoke. It didn't blow any fuses, and after the contactor was replaced, and the subsequent fault corrected on why the coil on the contactor wouldn't energize, the motor started fine. The contactor worked as expected. This happened again the other night. I wasn't there, but it sounds like the same type of issue happened. The Contracting Engineer said it was because of an arc flash condition caused by manually making the contactor. What say anyone else please?
  2. Manual Operation of Contactor, oops!

    Assuming there's nothing wrong downstream, what would cause the Contactor to fail if you simply push in the the contactor bar? Again, I agree this is not safe practice, but curious why a contactor would fail under "normal" circumstances.
  3. Always False search

    Hello. Is there a way in prophesy to search for the next "Always False" instruction?
  4. copying routine/task

    hello. does anyone have any info on how to copy tasks and routines within a rslogix 5000 project? can't seem to find any info on this and i suspect it's pretty easy.
  5. Adding EDS File

    I have a 1732E-16CFGM12QCR module that I want to add to my 5000 project. I downloaded the eds file. I ran the EDS wizard from rsnetworks with no issues (I think). RSNetworks sees this module in the I/O tree. When I start up the 5000 program and try to add this module, it doesn't show up in the tree. Any ideas???
  6. Adding EDS File

    thanks guys for the additional information. i am running 5k, vs.19.01.00 which is what the client wants as their standard. from the info i found, the quick-connect block is only compatible with 5k vs. 20. so, i am not experimenting with a Turck FGEN-XSG16-4001 quick connect module. again, i ran the eds wizard from rsnetworks and now it sees it fine. i ran the eds wizard from rslinx, but based on the thread above, 5k won't see it until i add it to 5k (bad grammar - hey it's superbowl sunday and i'm working for the man!). now, exposing my ignorance, i suspect i need to run some 5k eds wizard so this turck module shows up in the i/o tree select popup, but here's the rub - how do i do that? i looked in windows/programs and can't find any such animal.
  7. Greetings. I read the pdf from AB. Looks like I need to write a "1" to Bit 2 via a SSV command to inhibit the module, which returns a filtered value of "24576". I disconnect from the block with a robot. When I reconnect, I write a "0" to the bit and get a filtered value of "16384". On some robots, this works, on others it does not. And to add to the mystery, on the robots this does work, when i inhibit the module a second time, it no longer returns "24576" but stays "16384". When this works, the reconnect time is about 1-5 seconds. When it doesn't work, the reconnect time is upwards of about 20 seconds. Anyone have any experience with this and can lend some help? I attached a reference pdf, starting page 25...