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  1. How can I make a firmware backup from a good CPU??? I have others with no problem, if I can upload firmware information then I can download it to the bad one. What is the software I need to use to get a backup and then restore it???
  2. Hello all, I got a problem here with Mitsibishi A171SHCPUN, Our molding machines were with NO energy along 8 months, we turned machines ON and we saw backup batteries was empty and program was gone, PLC shows error led ON, I connected using GX Developer to download program from a similar machine with similar PLC but error led still ON all the time, even if PLC is in stop position error led is ON. I read in this forum a similar problem regarding A171SHCPUN with no outputs signal enabled. This is similar because my PLCs don't show signal in output ports. In the forum they talk about load operative system into PLC. How Can a loa operative system into A171SHCPUN??? What kind of interface I should use???