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  1. FX1N and DOP Delta HMI

    Dear All I use FX1N PLC connected to DOP 107BV via RS232, The cable pinout, GX developer parameter setting, and DOP 107BV setting in the attachment. My proble is the response of the screen is too slow and communication error appear. How can I solve this problem?? Thanks in advance Mitsubishi Delta HMI.pdf
  2. Dear All Can I use panelview component (2711c-t6t) with PLC5 (1785-L40E) via RIO?  Thanks
  3. PLC5 Redundancy

    Thank you so much Sir
  4. PLC5 Redundancy

    Thank you so much. Please you can see the existing control system in the attachment  I need to change Panel View 600 (which is connected via RIO) with the new Panel view plus via ethernet (mandatory via ethernet)  How can I make the panel view connected with the primary i.e. (I can use AUI to RJ-45 converter for Prim and Synch and connect them to the switch hub and connect the Panel view plus to the same Hub) Can I use this proposal?? Thanks in advance  
  5. PLC5 Redundancy

    Thanks, BobLfoot But if I have two redundant CPU (1785-L40E/F) Can I connect HMI via Ethernet? if yes, what is the network topology? in ControlLogix redundant system The primary takes the original IP address the synch becomes the original IP address +1, Is the same thing here? Thanks  
  6. Dear All Can I connect PLC5 with Delta DOP HMI via ethernet? Thanks
  7. Dear All Did PLC5 (1785-L40E/F) support redundancy?? Thanks
  8. Mitsubishi FX3U RS485 Communication

    Dear Gambit You told me that " reading Buffer memory area Hex E0 to E7  " is this mean H0 to H0E0 equal to Hex E0 to E7 how can you convert them? What is the BFM? Thanks .
  9. Dear All  I have FX3U plc communicate with several devices via RS485, I thought the instruction which achieve this issue is from instruction. Can any one help me by explaining this instruction?? Thanks