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  1. Looks like it worked. I was able to open the apa file with my Studio v9 on my 64 bit system.  Now I can start the boring work of converting it all to a new compact and pvp plus 7. thanks for the help.
  2. Any help is appreciated. I'm trying to install a copy of Panelview 1400e, but will not install on my copy of windows 64bit system, and installing it on my virtual PC (windows XP) isn't allowed either.  Apparently if you have a 32 bit version of windows, you can import the PVP1400e into a factorytalk view program, then convert that to an APA which can then be open in a 64bit version of FactoryTalk View Studio.  The running around for this is comically complicated...
  3. I talked to Rockwell and they managed to send me a license to download and run RSLogix 5.   Now trying to convert the Panelview 1400e to a file I can open and view.  I appreciate the help though.
  4. Hello and help. We have a customer which has an old machine and we are building a new version of it. Though it runs very similar, the original machine has a PLC5 and Panelview 1400e on it, our new build will have a compact logix (customer request version 20) and an Panelview Plus 7. They have sent me the old machine PLC logix and PLC5 file, and the Panelview 1400e, which I have attached. I cannot open these files, and our Toolkit for some reason will not let me download them (i'm assuming they arent supported by our toolkit or similar issue but either way the website is just sending me around in circles) I was wondering if anyone can get me a conversion, or even a PDF of the programs. Not sure how the Panelview 1400e can be converted but any help would be appreciated.   3017MELT.PVC 3017melt.rsp