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  1. Memory Concept

    To clear my concepts i want to know that because there so many people around me who are working on PLCs but they are not clear about work memory and load memory. Please also explain me main memory.
  2. Memory Concept

    My perception about work memory is taht it is cache used to keep intermediate results of calculations during program execution. Am i true please reply.
  3. Memory Concept

    Thanks alot. I have downloaded PDF from the link, mentioned in your post. I will read this document to clear the concept of work memory and load memory.
  4. Memory Concept

    Hi friends, whenever i read specifications of a specific CPU i always confused by work memory and load memory. Can anybody explain these two Work memory and Load memory in easy words?
  5. Counter Instruction Problem

    Yes counter PV value is in BCD and also # symbol is used but still there is ERROR after some count.
  6. Hi friends, I have some problem about counter instructions in CX Programmer. I connected CJ1M CPU11 with CX-Programmer via serial cable. In MONITOR MODE some of counter(CNT) instructions shows ERROR in the PV area while some counter instructions shows current counter value correctly. What could be the reason of this problem......kindly help.....
  7. Main Features of a CPU

    Actually i want to say that how you will determine that one CPU is better then the other. Let suppose if you have SIEMENS 315-2 and 318-2 then how you will determine, which one is better?
  8. Main Features of a CPU

    I want to know that what are the main features which we must consider when make comparison between two CPU . For instance number of inputs and outputs a CPU can handle is a feature of this CPU means if a CPU can handle 100 inputs/outputs and other can handle 200 inputs/outputs then we will say that the CPU which can handle 200 I/Os is much better then the CPU who can handle 100 I/Os. Similarly i want to know other features, we must consider when make comparison between two CPUs.
  9. Book for PLC program examples

    as you mentioned in this post by reading other persons prepared programs is a great way to learn, yes you are absolutely right. When i started that thread my moto was to find out a book or website which have number of application programs.
  10. Book for PLC program examples

    Thanks alot for your beneficial information and guidance. Your guidance have cleared much of my confusion and now i will start my work on any one PLC brand according to your guide line, mentioned in this post. Bundle of thanks again.
  11. Book for PLC program examples

    Actually i am working in maintenance department of my organization.Previously i was responsible for maintenance of process instrumentation systems but now i am also responsible for maintenance of PLC based systems. I am new in PLCs. There are variety of PLCs of different brands(e.g SIEMENS.OMRON,KOYO,MITSUBISHI,ALLEN BRADELY,TELEMECHANIQUE etc) in my organisation. To do maintenance job on any of these brands i must know about these PLCs. Each brands specific CPU have many manuals and i am confused which manual is necessary for me.Guide plz.
  12. Book for PLC program examples

    Yes i know about OMRON manuals but i want to know which manual one should must read before start working on a specific CPU of OMRON. In my organization there are many many CS and CJ series PLCs of OMRON. Now let suppose if i want to work on a specific CPU of CJ series then which manual i must read before start working on this CPU because there are many manuals on this CPU.Guide plz.
  13. Book for PLC program examples

    ok thanks
  14. Book for PLC program examples

    Thanks to reply.I have read this book "Step 7 in 7 steps" it is a comprehensive book on s7-300/400 PLCs. Do you know any book like this on OMRON PLCs?
  15. Book for PLC program examples

    Ok thanks i need example programs for SIEMENS S7-300/400 PLCs. Also tell me book name which can provide me practical guide on OMRON PLCs,